The DITA Style Guide

Welcome to the Web site for The DITA Style Guide: Best Practices for Authors, a book for technical communicators working within the Darwin Information Typing Architecture.

The book

The book is published by Scriptorium Press, a specialist publisher for the technical communication industry.

The author

The author is Tony Self, a technical writer with 30 years experience, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Why might you need the book

As more companies implement DITA to streamline the development of technical content, the demand for DITA-literate technical communicators is growing. The DITA Style Guide: Best Practices for Authors provides comprehensive, practical explanations of DITA elements and attributes. Real-world examples and clear recommendations show you how to create consistent, semantically correct DITA content.

How to buy the book

Buy now from Amazon!

You can purchase a printed copy of The DITA Style Guide with ISBN (978-0-9828118-1-8) 9780982811818 from many Internet bookstores, including the following:

The cover price of the printed book is $35.95 (US), but some Internet bookstores offer a discounted price and promotions such as free shipping. The cheapest currently seems to be $25.97 (US) at (with free US shipping). For buyers outside the US, the Book Depository offers the best price after shipping is considered (GBP21.71 including shipping).

You can also special order a copy from your local bookstore. A Kindle edition of the book is available from Amazon (for $9.99 US), and an ePUB version (also $9.99 US) can be bought directly from the Scriptorium Online Bookstore!

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