DITA Authoring Workshops

The author of The DITA Style Guide, Dr Tony Self, will be presenting workshops in London and Stockholm in October.

There are two workshops in London: DITA authoring best practices, and Publishing with the DITA Open Toolkit. These workshops are presented by Cherryleaf on October 8 and 9; details at http://www.cherryleaf.com/training/dita-training-courses-in-london/.

The Stockholm workshop is DITA authoring best practices, scheduled for 15 October. This workshop is presented by FTI, the Swedish Technical Information society; details at http://www.teknikinformatoren.se/images/meetings/DITA2012/Invitation-to-DITA-Workshop-2012.pdf.

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The DITA Style Guide as PhD Artefact

The author, Tony Self, has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Research (PhD) by Swinburne University of Technology. Tony’s research addressed the question of what constitutes best practice in DITA, with his project being action research by artefact and exegesis. The “artefact” was The DITA Style Guide, while the¬†exegesis is similar to a traditional PhD thesis. The research project took three years to complete.

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Kindle and ePub editions of The DITA Style Guide are proving popular

The ePub and Kindle version of The DITA Style Guide are proving to be almost as popular as the traditional paperback version, with March sales of paper just slightly ahead of electronic.

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ePub and Kindle Editions of The DITA Style Guide On Way

The ePub and Kindle editions of The DITA Style Guide are currently being finalised, and should be available in the near future. Amazon now have the paperback edition available for purchase, as do Barnes and Noble.

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Win a copy!

Scriptorium are offering the chance to win a free copy of The DITA Style Guide by entering a draw. Registration for that contest closes this Friday (February 25) at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

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In Print At Last!

It has been a very long and arduous journey, but at last The DITA Style Guide is officially published! Thanks to Alan and Sarah and the team at Scriptorium for smoothing the path!

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Cover of The DITA Style Guide